Water quality testing — Private water wells and city water

Private well water testingWater quality is of paramount importance for health and safety. Independent water quality testing is the best way to ensure your drinking water is safe. With our water quality testing, you’ll get fast, convenient, and accurate results from a state-certified laboratory. Have your water tested during your home inspection or as a standalone service.

Northbank Home Inspection offers testing for the following contaminants and characteristics:

  • Bacteria — Total Coliform, E. Coli, Fecal Coliform
  • Arsenic
  • Nitrate | Nitrite
  • Radon
  • pH (acidity)
  • Other Metals — Lead | Copper | Cadmium | Mercury | Aluminum | Iron | Barium | Nickel and more
  • Chemical compounds — Chlorine | Flourine | Sodium | Sulfates | Magnesium | Calcium | Potassium and more

We also test for a number of other potentially problematic characteristics including, turbidity, hardness, conductivity, color, taste, and odor.

City water quality

If you live within the City of Vancouver or City of Portland water service areas, your water is tested by the city annually and likely means the water distributed to your home is safe for drinking. That said, water distribution pipes and their connections within the home can be problematic and lead to contaminated water. This is especially true of older homes with aged piping and many years for sub-par renovations. Contamination of this sort often shows up as excessive levels of lead or other hazardous metals.

Private well water quality

Water quality testing is essential for rural homes with their own private water wells. Common man-made pollutants from farm operations and pesticide spray (nitrates, E. Coli) and naturally-occurring chemicals (arsenic, radon) can lead to contamination of these water sources. The Center for Disease control recommends that private wells should be checked and tested at least once every year for mechanical problems, general cleanliness, and the presence of contaminants.

Why is water quality important?

Contaminated water can lead to a number of serious health issues including neurological disorders, reproductive problems, and gastrointestinal issues. Small children, pregnant women, elderly, and those with compromised immune systems are especially at risk.

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