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Northbank Home Inspection provides high-quality, licensed home inspection in Vancouver, WA and the surrounding area. Housing in Vancouver, WA presents of myriad of housing types, materials, and location-specific issues for homebuyers to consider when shopping for a home. With the city’s incorporation and development beginning in the mid-1850s, Vancouver, WA has everything from historic 100-year-old Craftsman homes built using time-honored traditions to brand new modern homes built with energy efficiency and the latest building technologies in mind. Still, no matter what type of home you’re shopping for, it’s imperative to get a home inspection from a qualified and licensed home inspection company.

Home inspection companies Vancouver WA
Vancouver WA home inspection companies
Home Inspection Vancouver WA
Home Inspection Vancouver WA
Home Inspection Vancouver WA

With Vancouver, WA being the fourth largest city in Washington state and continually one of the fastest growing cities — nearly 175,000 residents as of 2016, according to the latest Census data available — housing will no doubt be in high demand, as will quality home inspectors. Many homes in Vancouver, WA can appear flawless on the outside, while hiding serious issues that may only be brought to light by highly-trained and qualified home inspectors like Northbank Home Inspection. With other homes, you may know they need maintenance and a quality home inspector can give you a well-rounded view of the home’s systems. At Northbank Home Inspection, we strive to give you a robust report that will provide you with immediate attention items, as well as, items that you may need to budget for in the years ahead. Our home inspection reports will give you quality information about the condition of the home you can use for the sale and as a homeowner.

Additionally, when getting a home inspection in Vancouver, WA, it’s important to have the home tested for radon, a lung cancer-causing radioactive gas. Elevated levels of radon is found in about 25 percent of homes in the Vancouver, WA area. Northbank Home Inspection offers precise, hour-by-hour radon testing that will allow you to determine if a home needs radon mitigation. Our radon testing and reports can help you get a radon-reduction system installed if elevated radon levels are found. Our radon tests will give you independent and accurate data you can use to negotiate with the seller — we follow strict EPA guidelines and your report will come with helpful data analysis — to have a radon-reduction system installed or money off the asking price to pay for a system once you’ve bought the house.

Home inspections in Vancouver, WA often finds issues with water due to the rainy pacific northwest climate. That’s why all of our Vancouver, WA home inspections include pest and dry rot inspection — inspects for wood-destroying organisms and conducive conditions  — and the option to have an independent lab verify and analyze possible mold in the home. We search for mold and conducive conditions in every inspection, whether or not you purchase mold analysis. All of these inspection items will not only help you locate trouble areas, but also give you tips on how to keep moisture out of your home and extend the lifespan of the home’s building materials.

At Northbank Home Inspection, we not only surpass the Washington state standards of practice required of all home inspectors, we also exceed the state’s annual 24-hour continuing education requirements many times over. Our mission with our Vancouver WA home inspection is to give our clients the best home inspection possible in order to allow them to make educated and safe decisions when purchasing a home.

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