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Home Inspection Camas WA — Northbank Home Inspection serves Camas, WA with high-quality, professional home inspections. Camas, an old paper mill city along the Columbia River, is home to wide variety of housing types and topographies that require sound building techniques and regular maintenance. That’s why you want to be sure to get an exceptional home inspection in Camas WA from Northbank Home Inspection, a licensed and certified home inspector and home inspection company when purchasing a home in Camas.

One of the fastest growing cities in Southwest Washington, Camas has seen its population nearly quadruple in the last two decades — now 22,449 according to the latest Census data — and is poised to continue to grow. Situated between the largest city in southwest Washington, Vancouver, WA, and the more rural, but growing community of Washougal, WA, Camas boasts a substantial amount of new construction homes, as well as, older historic neighborhoods anchored by the Georgia Pacific paper mill.

Regardless of the home’s age, a Camas WA home inspection is a wise investment. While older homes present numerous possible challenges, from environmental hazards to sub-par additions and deteriorated building materials, new construction also comes with its own set of challenges. When purchasing a newer home, some of the items you want to be sure to have your home inspector to inspect for are proper building techniques in the structure, adequate ventilation and insulation, and completion of work. New homes are built quickly, often within larger developments with multiple houses at various stages of development at any given time. This can sometimes lead to oversights, such as incomplete drain lines and sub-par finishing work that create serious issues for a new homeowner. At Northbank Home Inspection, we walk roofs, climb into attics, and dive into crawlspaces to give you the most complete view of a home at the time of inspection.

Home inspection Camas WA: radon testing, mold testing, WDO inspections

radon tester internachi certification northbank home inspection vancouver waA Camas WA home inspection should also include radon testing. The majority of southwest Washington sits on porous soil pushed down from the Missoula Flood Plains by the melting of ancient glaciers. This porous soil allows an escape route to decaying uranium — which becomes Radon during its decay — buried deep within the ground that can eventually be inhaled by people above ground. Radon, which is a colorless and odorless gas, causes 22,000 deaths a year — and nearly one in four homes in Camas have elevated radon levels. With all of our radon tests, we provide a 48-hour continuous electronic radon test, along with a full inspection of the home, that will give you empirical evidence about the radon levels in the home. We’ll analyze the results and provide you with certified recommendations.

mildew mold inspector internachi certified northbank home inspection vancouver wawood destroying organisms termite inspector internachi certified northbank home inspection vancouver waWith every Camas WA home inspection we also provide a full pest and dry rot inspection. This part of the inspection — known as a wood-destroying organisms (WDO) or structural pest inspection — is vital to a complete home inspection in Camas WA and also required in some loans. We also inspect for mold and offer air quality testing to determine the type, severity, and action required. Additionally, we use thermal imaging to capture potential moisture intrusion. And whether its termites, wood rot, or mold, all are exacerbated by excessive moisture — Camas gets an average of 50 inches of rain per year, about a foot more than the US average. That’s why it’s essential to have a home inspector perform these inspections in a Camas WA home inspection.

In all of our Camas WA home inspections, Northbank Home inspection goes above and beyond for clients to ensure they get the highest quality report with accurate information they can use to make safe and smart decisions about home before they buy.

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