Home Re-Inspection Services


home re-inspection by northbank home inspection in vancouver wa camas and battle groundOur detailed initial home inspection report may call out a list of defects that include minor cosmetic issues and more serious structural problems that need to be addressed by qualified contractors. You can use our home inspection report to give you empirical, independent evidence that will help you negotiate with the seller. Below are suggestions on how to negotiate repairs in the Vancouver, WA real estate climate and ideas on how to help avoid needing a home re-inspection in the first place:

  • Try to avoid requesting the seller perform the repairs. This often results in the seller doing the least amount of work and spending the least amount of money possible. The result is often sub-par, unacceptable repairs. If possible, It’s often better to ask the sellers to fund repairs, or ask for the price of the home to be adjusted accordingly.
  • When requesting repairs, request building permits when applicable. While not fail-safe, you’re more likely to get higher-quality work this way. Not only does this force the seller to ‘follow the rules’, but it should make the buyer feel better knowing that the work was inspected by an authority.
  • Be specific in repair request. Make sure to be clear in your request to avoid confusion. If, for example, a kitchen sink has a broken faucet and a leak, the request should be replace the faucet and repair the leak, not repair the sink.

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