Home inspections in Vancouver, WA: Roof inspection

A roof is part of a house that can often be overlooked. It’s not something most people think about everyday. But, when you do notice it, there’s a good chance it’s because you’ve discovered some damage. At that point, it’s time for some significant repairs and you’ll likely be paying a premium to get it fixed right away. That’s why an independent roof inspection by a home inspector — not a roofing contractor with a financial incentive to call out needless and expensive repairs — is essential. And if you’re buying a home, a quality roof inspection is a vital part of a home inspection— knowing what condition your roof is in and what repairs might be needed can save you thousands of dollars.

At Northbank Home Inspection, I carry tall ladders to every roof inspection to make sure I can access all parts of a roof to give you a quality and thorough inspection. My inspection reports include clear, high-quality pictures to give you as much information as possible so you can make the best decisions when buying a home or getting your roof repaired. In addition to walking the roof or inspecting it from different vantage points, I climb into the attic to investigate further. My report will give you easy-to-read comments, high resolution photos, and independent recommendations.

Below is a sampling of roof inspection items:

Roof inspection: What we inspect

Item inspected Common defects
Roofing materials Missing, worn or damaged shingles
Underlayment Improper installation
Flashing Missing, damaged, or improperly installed
Structure Wood rot or sagging areas
Penetrations Cracked plumbing vent boots, fasteners
Gutters Leaking, inadequate slope, terminate too close to foundation, debirs
Chimney Missing cap, unlined, major/minor crack
Inadequate slope for materials used Slope less than 4:12 requires additional underlayment
Tile roof support Improper structural design for roof weight
Roof inspection Vancouver WA
Roof moss
Home inspector
Popping fasteners
Home inspection Vancouver WA
Exposed fasteners
Home inspector Vancouver WA
Plumbing vent boot deterioration
Home inspection Camas WA
Roof leak in attic

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