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Northbank Home Inspection Pricing

Standard home inspection cost (1979 or later)
Up to 1,000 sq ft $305
1,000 – 1,999 sq ft $325
2,000 – 2,999 sq ft $375
3,000 – 3,999 sq ft $450
Each additional 500 sq ft $50
Built before 1979 add $75
Duplexes and multi-family homes Square footage price + $50 for each unit
Condos — interior only $295 up to 2,000 sq ft.
Pools (w/ inspection only) Add $50
Additional building < 500 sq ft Add $75
Additional building 501-1,000 sq ft Add $150
Radon testing
With home inspection $175
Stand-alone service $225
Mold inspection and testing
With home inspection — air quality & swab/tape sample $225
Stand-alone service $300
Post-remediation inspection $195/hr
Water testing
With home inspection Starts at $300; Add $50 per contaminant tested after two
Stand-alone service Starts at $350; Add $50 per contaminant tested after two


How do you inspect homes built before 1979?

Home inspections of homes built before 1979 require more environmental safety precautions, equipment, time, and considerations. We add a fee to the standard home inspection cost to homes built pre-1979 to account for this, which helps keep us and clients safe from building materials and practices that could be hazardous.

Should I schedule a re-inspection after the defects called out in the first home inspection are repaired?

It is common for customers to request a re-inspection to ensure the repairs from the first home inspection have been completed. A typical re-inspection will run about an hour, although some can run longer if the list of required repairs is more extensive. Re-inspections are $150/hr with a one hour minimum. If a re-inspection is desired, please shoot us an email with a detailed list of the defects so we can schedule the appointment properly.

What does a home inspection cost for a condo?

Condo inspections are interior-only inspections and cost $250 for a condos up to 2,000 sq ft. For larger condos, a fee of $25 per 500 sq ft will be added. This home inspection cost includes all the major systems accessible from the interior. Exteriors are typically managed by a condo association.

Do you offer additional home inspection services?

Yes. We offer radon testing and mold testing, mold sampling, and mold inspection. For the home inspection cost of additional stand-alone inspection services, please contact us to discuss the inspection and pricing.

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